About Us

Baby Faculty is a daycare centre based at Setia Alam, that specializes in caring only for infants of 2 months up to 3 years old.

Apart from the routine daycare, we have also included ad-hoc daycare service to help busy mom and dads that needs help on emergency situations or those who just need a couple hours to run errands in town.

We understand that learning opportunities for children can occur in every moment of the day. This means that routine times such as nappy changing are considered by us to be part of our educational curriculum. We value the knowledge and understanding children bring to the centre and use their experiences as a basis for provoking further learning through the environment and interactions.

The theory that underpins our curriculum is socio cultural theory. This means that we recognize children learn through interactions with people, places and things and the culture of every child is central to how and what they will learn.

Melissa Khoo has worked with babies in New Zealand and taught ballet to young children in Malaysia. She holds a degree in Food Science from the University of Otago in New Zealand.

The inspiration for Baby Faculty came from her family own needs for a real quality nursery, and her experiences with nurseries in New Zealand.